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V Day Faves: What Hayley Did Next

So St Valentine’s Day is literally round the corner or tomorrow should I say... some of you might be spending it with the love of your life, or the love right now, and many i'm sure are flying it solo, so here I have listed some of my favourite beauty buys to help set the mood on Valentine's Day, or get you ready for the singles night out at the weekend..

Create an atmosphere with this beautiful English Cottage candle from Ralph Lauren. Its a mixture of rose, Lychee and pink grapefruit, this succulent scent is a far more sexier than its name.. Its a perfect scent for a luxurious soak in the bath or getting ready to go out, I fills the room with a beautiful hue of heaven and I am totally in love....

Don’t neglect your nails this Valentine's Day, if your spending it having dinner with a loved one or sipping champagne with friends you want to make sure you are beautifully manicured to perfection. why not try OPIs “Amore at the grand canal”, this intense dark red has the perfect amount of vibrance to brighten up your finger tips creating the right amount of passion for any of those could be proposals. If Red is not quite your colour why not sit pretty in pink with my favourite shade of all the OPIs, “The Berry Thought of you”,( this is available to buy from my shop). this little number uses its hints of blues to build up the perfect pop of pink to perfect your mani.

I hope you have all been preparing your lips for the most loving day of the year. Perfect your pout and try to stay cool with this beautifully intense blue red. These cool tones intensify the whiteness of your teeth creating a hollywood smile. Apply this creamy colour with a lip brush to really reach the edges of your lip line to enhance your pout to its fullest potential. Don't forget to then blot your lips with a tissue to create that passionate just been kissed look, to drive you lover wild.

Create a beautifully bronzed body to die for . Coat your body in a layer of Sienna X Instant Bronzing Gel, designed for those last minute dates. This silky smooth lotion glides on to your skin perfectly, giving you that sultry sun kissed glow, that he/she is not going to be able to keep there hands off. Don't worry about the bed sheets this solution is rub proof, smudge, proof and most definitely kiss proof...

Enhance your Sex appeal with my absolute Favourite perfume ever... Stella.... and no i'm not talking about the drink. Im talking about the expensive kind, the Stella McCartney kind, this delicious cocktail of faint roses with warm amber under tones. Theres nothing like leaving your scent to mark your territory.. This perfume is the sexy and powerful with a hint of dominance that even Christian Grey would shy away from....

With Love


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