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Now I just need that holiday glow.

Today was theatre day with a client/friend. We try and find time to catch up other than doing hair and beauty from time to time. After the show we headed back to Covent Garden station to jump the tube home. Covent Garden is one of my weaknesses. It is surrounded buy make up stores. I cant actually go past a hair or makeup shop without actually venturing inside ( you never know what you might miss). So Kiko was the aim of my evening on my walk back. Guess what there was a sale on. Im really trying to be strict with myself and cut back. I have learnt that a sale doesn't necessary mean that I have to buy every beauty product on offer just to add to my ever expanding collection. Where do you start? Its summertime of course so I headed towards the bronzer and highlight area.... I picked up the moon dust face power and swiped the back of my hand with the tester( don’t be greedy and use what they are selling, testers are there for that exact reason, to test)..... OMG... So in love with the warm pink tones with a hint of bronze, the light shows of this slight shimmer perfectly.... It is destined for an evening dinner or cocktails after a day at the beach. it’s a little bit strong for me to wear everyday, but is a must when i’m heading out to an event. While I slipped in it to my basket...(always pick up a basket) my head was turned by the radiant touch creamy stick highlighter. I normally shy away from creamy highlighters, I love a cream blush but have always used a powdered highlighter as i am a little scared of my highlighter being seen from “outa space,” you need to pick your moments for that. This creamy stick is a beautiful cool pink, subtle and light. Its gentle fresh tones would perfectly match any day time occasion, giving you that fresh face feel with just a hint of colour, a complete contrast to the moon dust powder. These two will have be going in to my holiday must have collection.

Moving swiftly on I find the lipstick section. I am definitely stuck in a lipstick rut, I am still going for dark pinks and neutral shades, I just haven't been able to move away from these tones and picked up another two shades of this colour a lovely thick pencil lip gloss in a number 12. This is a dark smokey pink shade very similar to one of my favourite mac lipsticks, i’m pretty sure I will be mixing them as a perfect little lip combo, topped off with the 3d instant volume plumping and refreshing lipgloss in 215, also a red pinky/red tone. This will look perfect with a beautiful tan, leaving a nice elegant evening look, this voluminous gloss left a refreshing and tingling sensation which lead me to feel like I had a fuller pout.... whether it’s all in the mind or if it really works i'm not sure, but I I know I walked around with my pout on point all Day. Heading up to the till I was distracted by more products leading up to the till, why oh why do they do this to me..... I so nearly made it to the till but then I stopped....I quickly grabbed Kiko’s Rebel Bouncy Blush in 02 adorable pink. This is a perfect coral blush. It glides on elegantly on to the cheek bones and leaves the most perfect warm flush, their best cream by far, shame it was in the sale... i’m kicking myself now and wish I had picked up a few more for when this one runs out. I will definitely be teaming this with the moon dust they will highlight and flush my cheeks to perfection...

Now I just need that holiday glow...... Think it’s time for a Sienna X spray tan....


Hay x

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