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I am officially a YouTuber...

Hi every one this is a quick blog to thank those that have already subscribed and to inform those that haven't that I am now officially a YouTuber.... Yes after years of saying it and years of procrastination I have finally got myself over to youtube and created my own hair and beauty channel. People ask me for hair and beauty tips and advice every day. I have always thought of myself as a sharer, So why not share the knowledge that I have picked up over the last 10+ years with the world. I hope to show you techniques to make your life easier and help you also learn new skills. So after reading this blog I suggest you get your self over to youtube and find me under What Hayley Did Next or click on the youtube logo on my contact page and subscribe to my channel. I have been sharing my knowledge with my clients, friends and family but not all of you are able to speak with me personally, so this way I can be sitting in your front room giving you some guidance from half way around the world.

I had such an amazing response from my halloween make up time lapses it was only natural for me to move over to tutorials. I was completely overwhelmed by your amazing support and encouragement to see more. You guys help kick my butt into gear and I am totally excited to see what I can do next. There was no time like the present to put my dreams and plans into action. Xmas is nearly upon us and its my busiest time of the year, so why not test myself and push myself to my limits. Its amazing how much I can squeeze into one day, visiting clients, working out, blogging, filming and editing a video, wow it really is a whirlwind of fun. I can honestly say I absolutely love my job, it is my life and I get to live my passion every day. My free time is taken up with prepping, planning and filming so I have absolutely no idea what a day off feels like anymore, and I wouldn't change it for the world. I think if I ever start to slow down I would be terrified of not knowing what to do with my life. So until then, keep me busy, book me in the diary, read my blogs so I can grow my writing, view my videos, ask me questions and keep challenging me. I just wanted to use this weeks blog as a massive thank you to everyone that has supported me over these last few years, those that have been with me since the beginning and those that I have met along the way.

Without you guys none of this would have happened. You inspire me to be better. Its you guys that remind me to be proud of myself and everything I have built up and achieved in these last few years. Thank you for making it possible, and encouraging my dreams to come true. I cannot wait to find out #whathayleydidnext....


hay x

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