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How I relax during party season.

Party season is well and truly upon us and I have just worked my first 12 hour Saturday in a very long time, well maybe since wedding season, then it can quite possibly be a 15 hour day. So when I get home at night I tend to find it extremely hard to switch off. I also have the fact that I have been an insomniac since I was a teenager, and that I have an extremely active mind and wild imagination. I find it extremely hard to switch off at night. Running my own business definitely plays a part in not letting my mind shut off, so much so that I am actually typing this blog post at 23:32 that same Saturday night. Sometimes Id rather switch my complex mind. Understandably I find it very hard to switch off, fall asleep, and then the hardest thing for me is to actually stay asleep. So with this never ending work hours in order to get all you beautiful people beautified in time for christmas. I have to sleep for at least 5 hours a night, sometimes in 2 1/2 hour blocks. That is probably my average hours sometimes a little more and even on occasions it can be a little less. So I'm really trying to find ways that will help me relax and hopefully drift off for a full 8 hours if i'm lucky...

After I have come home, finished my paper work, unpacked and cleaned all my tools for the next day I will get my self ready for the land of nod. I will light some candles in my bedroom, about 10 minutes before i'm hoping to hop into bed, so the warmth from the flame and the pretty scents of my beautiful candles, will gently disperse into the room, I would normally use lavender candles but I haven't actually found one that I particularly love just yet they don't seem to disperse well and the fragrance doesn't linger in the room for long. So i'm using a little selection of candles at the moment, I will turn my light off and get undressed by candle light. This shuts my eyes off to any harsh lights, as my eyes have already been doing major over time concentrating at work and they can tend to feel a little sore after a long day. While Im getting ready I will sip on some Twinnings camomile tea, to help relax and unwind from the inside out. Camomile is known from its soothing and calming effects especially for nervousness and anxiety. It is full of antioxidants that help fight inflammation and chronic diseases, and also slows down the ageing process and reverse the signs... I really think I should be swimming in this tea.

With the atmosphere wrapping around me I spritz a few sprays of my Avon lavender linen spray into the air and then a few more onto my pillows. Lavender is suppose to help relax and unwind. After cleaning my teeth I rub a little bit of my lip balm into my lips I am currently using (ted bakers ) and then i'm all set. I flick on youtube on my I pad and set it to one of my usual sleep meditations or sleep learning. Like I have said my brain is extremely active so always has to be doing something, I like to learn or to try and be productive in my sleep.

I then either start writing up a first draft of a blog post. Il do some research or read a few articles that I have saved from social media. Then I start to feel a little sleepy so I switch off. I them shut down the mac and turn to paper. Yes I read by candle light, I don't have a lamp and have no intention of getting one any time soon, it defeats the idea of the soft lighting. It might sound weird or old fashioned I really don't care, it relaxes me, I have done it for many years and it saves me from getting out of bed to turn the light off when I am really, really sleepy. I can just reach over and blow them out, Saves me a lot of bother. so I will read either a what I call a work book, an inspiring story, or a how to book. Otherwise I will read a thriller, but with this extreme imagination, some times its not about me unwinding at night, its about not scaring myself silly I cant sleep...

Oh well theres always tomorrow night and another pot of tea.

Written with Love

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